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Rooted in and inspired by our Scandinavian legacy with a focus on pure nature, quality and individuality, our mission has been to find a hand-picked a selection of the finest high quality ingredients Scandinavia has to offer. And we don’t compromise when it comes to ingredients. Our mission is to bring that beauty and inspiration to you.

Scandinavian Glacier Water

Infused into every product of the Eleni & Chris skincare range is the exclusive Scandinavian Glacier Water, sourced directly from natural and untouched resources near the Arctic Circle in the north of Scandinavia. The water is crystal clear and high in oxygen levels and is one of the purest of its kind.

Cloudberry (no, it`s not just another berry!)

Eleni & Chris introduce Scandinavia’s precious Cloudberry. Considered one of nature’s best-kept secrets, the Cloudberry is the most significant discovery in anti-aging ingredients for over a decade. Extremely rare and prized for its arctic provenance, this rare berry naturally contains vitamins A, B, C, and E, as well as calcium and magnesium. A single Cloudberry contains as much as four times more vitamin C than an entire orange, helping skin to look younger, for longer.


Finally, we introduce the patented SEA3oil™ - some of the purest Omega oil in the world, which is recognized for improving the texture and quality of the skin.  Eleni & Chris products promise visible results; the combination of these pure ingredients gives powerful results, naturally, to enhance skin’s natural beauty.