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The world of

eleni  & chris

Beautiful minds

We recognize and appreciate those who have shown acts of kindness to others around the world. «There is a joy in a life that has no boundaries. To make someone else happy is the greatest kind of joy!»

 In the spirit of beautiful minds, Eleni & Chris is donating a proportion of its profit to the foundation A Hand to Children.

dagny sandåker

The Beautiful Mind Award is dedicated to our loving great-grandmother Dagny Sandåker. Dagny taught us to pay it forward, to respond to a person`s kindness by being kind to someone else.

We are Eleni and Chris.

And we are we.

The two themes of the same compelling story.

The two faces on the two sides of the same one-off coin.

A single force but with twice the drive and twice the passion.

We rose from the same landscape as the icy water

which makes our products so refreshingly different.

Ran in the same fields where the ingredients grow

Which define our haircare and skincare.

Which make our make-up not just cosmetic.

Which make our brand super stylish not superficial.

We are we and we are on a mission.

We will be known throughout the world for

making it more beautiful.

By creating beauty from purity.

Not by changing the way someone looks

but by helping them look the best they can.

We will bring everyone’s natural beauty to the surface.


Through pure spirit.

Pure energy.

Pure Scandinavia.

Undiluted. Untainted. Unstoppable.

Pure Eleni and Chris.

And pure you.

This coin is a «Coin of Power». A symbolic reminder of what

you believe in and encourages you to strive towards your goals.

It’s a reminder for you to pursue your dreams and to remember you can do  anything that you believe in.

The «Coin of Power» is a gift from us to you. PURE YOU.

May your vision of success be an inspiration, bringing you

fulfilment in all areas of life.

Take care and live with passion!

Eleni & Chris

 EC_ingress Beautiful minds _435 x 436_"Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love."

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