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the story

We are Eleni and Chris.

We are on a mission.

We will be known throughout the world for making it more beautiful. By creating beauty from purity.
The beauty of our landscape has inspired our spirit, our mission is to bring that beauty and inspiration to you.

Pure eleni & chris
Eleni and Chris is the beauty empire from Inger Ellen and her daughter Christinah Nicolaisen. They both share a high level of drive, passion and creativity. We are united by believing in our values of strength, personal power and our ability to make a difference. Together we have developed a unique cosmetic brand derived of the finest and purest of Scandinavian ingredients. Whilst they differ in their background and approach, Inger Ellen and Christinah share an extraordinary level of drive, passion and creativity, rooted in and inspired by their Scandinavian home. The partnership of these women is founded in mutual respect of the strengths that they each bring to the creation of beauty products embodied by their unique spirit.

Inger Ellen Nicolaisen
Inger Ellen is the founder and owner of Raise Gruppen Holding AS, one of the largest hair and beauty brands in Scandinavia. Born into a farming family, Inger Ellen has become one of the most respected female entrepreneurs in Scandinavia, who developed Eleni and Chris. Ellen & Chris was born two years ago when Inger Ellen and Christinah decided to create a range of products that came from their native Scandinavia. Ever since her childhood, cloudberries were a much sought-after ingredient and people did whatever they could to obtain what Scandi’s call the "Scandinavian Gold". She remembers how people used to break the rules to get their hands on these precious cloudberries. It was only once her own cloudberry land was robbed two years ago that she and Christinah had the idea of using cloudberries as the main ingredient in a purely Scandinavian cosmetics brand. Inger Ellen and Christinah submitted cloudberry to a thorough laboratory analysis, which came back with outstanding results. The test results demonstrated that cloudberry seed oil naturally contains vitamins A, B, C, and E, as well as calcium and magnesium, and contains as much as four times more vitamin C than an entire orange. As well as being a business woman, Inger Ellen also works closely with childrens’ charities around the world. She is dedicated to working with children and started the foundation ‘A Hand to Children’ back in 2000. She is now the mother of 13 children - three biological and 10 adopted from orphanages from around Lithuania.

Christinah Nicolaisen
Christinah began her career as a 12-year old working her way up through the family business, providing her with a strong grasp of the hair and beauty industry from a young age. A self-confessed optimist, Christinah takes an open and positive approach to everything she does. A well-rounded and approachable woman, she brings a fashionable flare to everything she does and remains entirely professional in business. She always has her finger on the pulse of current affairs and forthcoming trends. Christinah studied Business and Fashion at London College of Fashion, Central St Martin and several leading universities from Spain, Mexico and France. Her interest in the fashion and beauty industry has helped her to develop a real passion to create a successful business from the bottom up. She also has a keen interest in retail, technology and trend forecasting.

Pure Scandinavia
Rooted in and inspired by our Scandinavian legacy with a focus on pure nature, quality and individuality, our mission has been to find a hand-picked a selection of the finest high quality ingredients Scandinavia has to offer. And we don’t compromise when it comes to ingredients. Our mission is to bring that beauty and inspiration to you. Our unique and powerful ingredients

Cloudberry (no, it`s not just another berry!)
Eleni & Chris introduce Scandinavia’s precious Cloudberry. Considered one of nature’s best-kept secrets, the Cloudberry is the most significant discovery in anti-aging ingredients for over a decade. Extremely rare and prized for its arctic provenance, this rare berry naturally contains vitamins A, B, C, and E, as well as calcium and magnesium. A single Cloudberry contains as much as four times more vitamin C than an entire orange, helping skin to look younger, for longer.

Scandinavian Glacier Water
Infused into every product of the Eleni & Chris skincare range is the exclusive Scandinavian Glacier Water, sourced directly from natural and untouched resources near the Arctic Circle in the north of Scandinavia. The water is crystal clear and high in oxygen levels and is one of the purest of its kind.

Finally, we introduce the patented SEA3oil™ - some of the purest Omega oil in the world, which is recognized for improving the texture and quality of the skin. Eleni & Chris products promise visible results; the combination of these pure ingredients gives powerful results, naturally, to enhance skin’s natural beauty.

Pure you
Eleni and Chris are on a mission to bring the beauty and inspiration of Scandinavia to you, by creating beauty from purity.

Beautiful minds
We recognize and appreciate those who have shown acts of kindness to others around the world. «There is a joy in a life that has no boundaries. To make someone else happy is the greatest kind of joy!»

In the spirit of beautiful minds, Eleni & Chris is donating a proportion of its profit to the foundation A Hand to Children. The Beautiful Mind Award is dedicated to our loving great-grandmother Dagny Sandåker. Dagny taught us to pay it forward, to respond to a person`s kindness by being kind to someone else.