Traveling without sacrificing good routines

You know the business - overweight luggage at the check-in counter and the heavy shampoo and conditioner has to go first. You cross your fingers the hotel you'll be staying at has decent products. Not anymore! Bring our mini sized shampoo and conditioners - they are perfect for the vacation.

SensiMin for sensitive scalp, the award winning ChroMin for colored hair, KeraMin to strengthen your hair, ScandiMin to keep your blonde hair blonde, and GentleMin for men - there is a set for all! If you are already a fan of our shampoos and conditioners, you can use your daily products like normal during your vacation but without having to overload your suitcase.

If you just need the small sizes, you can purchase these in our webshop. But be aware, your hair and scalp will love them, so you'll end up wanting to buy the full sizes as soon as you get home!

The mini sizes are also great for the gym, shorter weekend trips and whenever you need to bring along good quality hair products.

When traveling, it is also important to take care of your skin with good hydrating produtcs.

Sheet mask collection from Eleni & Chris

We have five sheet masks which is perfect to bring on your vacay. One mask for the eye area and four for the face, all infused with our three unique Scandinavian ingredients that you have probably already heard of: Glacier Water, SEA3oil and Cloudberry Oil, as well as some new key ingredients that make our masks effective to the point.

Another amazing thing is that you can buy the masks individually (or in packs of 6). They stick to the skin once you have applied them so that you can sit up or move around whilst pampering your face: take a foot bath or do some yoga. Or you can stay in a completely relaxed horizontal position, like seated in an airplane! The choice is yours when the option is there.



The extraordinary sheet mask technology in our Bio-Cellulose Age Renewal Masks are by experts considered to be one of the highest standards for treating the skin. They are infused with caviar extracts which improve skin elasticity, skin hydration and skin regeneration. Furthermore, Age Renewal Face Mask contains Silver Oxide, Vitamin E and Oat Extracts to protect and soothe the skin, whereas Silver Oxide, Sea Fennel and Japanese Cherry repairs, protects and adds glow to the subtle eye area in the Age Renewal Eye Mask.



Our Sincell ultra fine long-fiber revolutionary sheet masks have a cream-like texture which makes the ingredients really melt into the skin. We have three different types of Sincell Face Masks, and these vary in ingredients and effects. One may appeal more to you than the other, but from time to time you might want to swap them around and mix and match depending on your current skin condition and concerns:

  • Sincell Face Mask GLOW: Contains raspberry extracts, coffee seed extracts and oat extracts which help protecting skin from external damage, reducing dark sports and pigmentation and unifying the complexion so that it looks even in color. It gives your skin that red carpet illuminous glow even when your skin is completely bare, but it also acts a wonderful base when you want to apply a perfect makeup.
  • Sincell Face Mask DETOX: Extracts from grapefruit, licorice root and oat energize and protect the skin. The soothing and anti-inflammatory properties make this mask a must-have to stressed, imbalanced skin that needs a little help to get back on track and is also wonderful during change of season.
  • Sincell Face Mask HYDRATE: As the name reveals, pure moisture is what your skin will benefit from after a treatment of our favorite hydrating mask. Hyaluronic acid, sage leaf extracts and cacao seed butter boost dry and tired skin, improve skin’s ability to retain water and replenish dehydration with moisture.

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