The world's first hair oil with Cloudberries

Our award-winning Pure Treatment Oil (The Knot Beauty Awards – Best Hair Oil 2018) is a light hair oil that quickly became a best seller when it hit the markets back in April 2017.

Why you will love it? Because it makes your hair soft and shiny, it reduces frizz and keeps your beehive light and airy. No matter what, you will love it even more when you find out it protects hair from UV-rays and the color from fading. If you are addicted to your blow dryer check that temperature is less than 90 degrees and your hair will be protected from the heat too. And the best news: it is suitable for absolutely everyone, so if you have long, short, straight or curly hair - feel free to get carried away.

Pure Treatment Hair Oil

Pure Treatment Oil contains the first Cloudberry Oil the world has ever seen in a hair oil formulation. A unique combination of natural oils with different molecule sizes makes the oil penetrate and protect every part of the hair without weighing it down. Pure and effective ingredients such as Cloudberry Seed Oil, Flaxseed oil and Seabuckthorn fruit pulp oil all origin from nature and makes Pure Treatment Oil rich in vitamin A, B, C and E and Omega-9 fatty acids.

Apply to towel dried or dry hair: 1-2 pumps will do the job in short hair and 3-4 pumps in longer hair. It does not grease and absorbs quickly and is also amazing as a styling product when mixed into a wax to add extra shine. You can also try mixing a few pumps of the Pure Treatment Oil with the KeraMin Strengthening Leave-In Treatment Cream for extra softness and strong hair. The KeraMin Leave-In Cream contains a unique combination of proteins and moisture, which has extra softening attributes for your hair. When you want shiny waves add a touch as a final finish, or if you want that tight, sleek bun or pony tail - you know exactly what to do!

Protip: try using a pump of oil on your hands if they are very dry. They will feel so soft and smooth!

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