The Scandi Way: Three Simple Ways to Look and Feel Good

Scandinavian women have a very holistic approach to beauty. We find balance in what to eat, how to exercise and what to apply to our skin in order to live our happiest life. So, we narrowed down three of our favorite practices and habits that we believe help keep our complexions healthy, smooth and radiant.

Smoked salmon on a loaf of bread with onionsPhoto by Monstruo Estudio

Fish for Breakfast, Berries for Lunch

Far from a traditional American breakfast, the Norwegian breakfast is quite simple; yet, when we want to be indulgent, we have smoked salmon in the morning. The omega-3 fatty acids in salmon are an excellent source of energy, plus it’s great for your skin. For lunch, we try to incorporate berries, whether blending them in smoothies, eating them with yogurt or tossing them in a salad. Packed with antioxidants, berries can protect your skin from the damaging effects of the sun – especially blueberries that help decrease the redness of sensitive skin.

Girl hiking in the woods with backpack onPhoto by Jake Melara

Exercise in Fresh Air

A powerful part of the Scandinavian lifestyle is best summed up by the word friluftsliv, which means living a “free-air life.” Outdoor life is a big part of our culture, especially when the sun comes out. It’s common to go for lunchtime runs in the forest or to commute to work by bicycle or meet a group of friends at a lakeside sauna after work. Because of this, we understand the need for sun protection all year round. Using SPF on your skin is the best way to prevent fine lines to keep your complexion healthy.

Natural Ingredients for Skin

Scandinavians embrace a simple approach to great skin: only using products with pure, natural and clean ingredients. This is why many Eleni & Chris products feature the unparalleled purity of Scandinavian glacier water. It starts as rainfall, then transforms to snow and ice residing at the tip of a glacier until it trickles its way downslope. The result is the cleanest water on Earth. This is the way to go for a healthy, balanced skin and scalp. Plus, our skincare routine is minimalist and uncomplicated, meaning that you won’t find yourself in the midst of an exhaustive, 11-step routine to bring out that coveted Scandinavian glow.

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