How to keep your tresses cool

Silver shampoo, blue shampoo, purple shampoo – our favorite product has a lot of names. There are countless products claiming they will help give your hair that cool, clear tone.

Are you looking for hair products that give cooler tones to your hair while also strengthening your hair and adding moisture? Then you should read on to learn more about the world's first purple shampoo and conditioner that contains Cloudberry, glacier water and volcanic minerals!

Before and after using ScandiMin

The ScandiMin™ Collection contains a two-step process that corrects warm, brassy tones in the hair with the use of purple pigments while proteins and vitamins from cloudberries help to rebuild and nourish the hair.

Step 1 is ScandiMin™ The Blonde Shampoo which has a high concentration of purple pigments. It also contains keratin which helps to rebuild chemically treated and/or damaged hair. The moisturizing ingredients in ScandiMin™ The Blonde Conditioner, seal the keratin supplied from ScandiMin™ The Blonde Shampoo into each hair strand without thinning the hair. ScandiMin™ The Blonde Conditioner is lightly pigmented and is step 2 in the process. Both products are color-preserving and provide UV protection.

ScandiMin shampoo and conditioner

The ScandiMin™ Collection consists of unisex products and is perfect for all hair types, both natural and color-treated, that would like to acheive a cooler tone. What many are not aware of, is that purple shampoo can be used on both dark and light hair. It works well on natural gray hair to maintain the non-brassy color.

If you really want a boost of purple pigments, let ScandiMin™ The Blonde Shampoo sit on your hair before rinsing it out. The longer it gets in the hair, the cooler the result - but beware, this shampoo has a lot of pigment so you should not let it sit for more than five minutes on lighter shades of hair!

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