Go natural with cloudberry seed oil

Rubus chamaemorus (cloudberry) seed oil is the not-so-secret ingredient in many Eleni & Chris skin and hair care products. It has a wondrous calming effect on the scalp, which is the foundation for good hair, and for the skin it’s proven to reduce wrinkles as much as 17 percent after four weeks of use.

Yet, the benefits of using cloudberry go far beyond healthy, glowing skin and glossy hair.


From the earth

Cloudberries are about the size of raspberries and the color of amber. Everything about them is unique, as they only make an appearance between August and September, and they grow in marshes and wet meadows, while still requiring a healthy bit of sun. While attempts have been made to produce cloudberry elsewhere, it’s been largely unsuccessful. To date the only way to obtain the Scandinavian fruit is picking it by hand.

As such, the cloudberry fruit is a vital part of the local culture and economy. Picking multer (cloudberries) is the quintessential annual activity for Scandinavian families – including the co-founders behind Eleni & Chris. And for generations, these families have preserved the best environmental practices, such as responsible harvesting to ensure the regeneration of the cloudberry plant each season.


Perfect pairing

On its own, cloudberry oil is proven to brighten and energize dull complexions, as well as protect the skin and eye area from signs of aging. Yet, when paired with other natural products, like glacier water and patented SEA3oil oil for instance, it is even more effective in treating irritation and skin sensitivities.

Many Eleni & Chris products feature the unparalleled purity of Scandinavian glacier water. It starts as rainfall, then transforms to snow and ice residing at the tip of a glacier until it trickles its way downslope. The result is the cleanest water on Earth. Additionally, you can also find products with the patented SEA3oil™, which is oil extracted from wild Scandinavian salmon. Not to worry, the oil has all of the benefits of omega fatty acids without the fishy scent.

Eleni & Chris mask trio

Experience the benefits of the combination of these ingredients with an Eleni & Chris sheet mask. Whether you wish to Detox, Glow or Hydrate, this collection is infused with cloudberry, glacier water and SEA3oil™.


The case for going natural

Eleni & Chris products with cloudberry, glacier water and Sea3Oil™ are the way to go for a healthy, balanced skin and scalp. Created by mother-daughter duo Inger Ellen (Eleni) and Christinah (Chris) Nicolaisen, Eleni & Chris is a Scandinavian beauty brand rooted-in and inspired by Scandinavia’s natural beauty, and developed from a selection of the purest ingredients.

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