Get to know Inger Ellen "Eleni" Nicolaisen, the Mother of Cloudberry

Her name is Inger Ellen, but everyone calls her Eleni. Born into a farming family, cloudberries have always been a part of her life. Now, together with her daughter Chris, they launched a namesake cosmetics brand that features the Vitamin C-packed fruit, along with other pure Scandinavian ingredients infused in their products.

Eleni is also passionate about helping orphans and disadvantaged children. She works closely with children’s charities around the world, including her own foundation “A Hand to Children,” which she started in 1995, with a mission to ensure that children in need receive clothes, food, medicine, clean water and education.

She took some time from her busy schedule to answer questions about a few of her favorite things, from her daughter Chris to her quiet Saturday mornings. 

What was your first job?

It was a summer job on a goat farm. I had to feed and milk 200 goats every morning and evening. We had to let them out on the mountain and had our own shepherd dog to help us get them home every evening.

Describe your perfect Saturday morning.

I always wake up early. I like to be up before anyone else. I start the day with a good cup of coffee and then I get to work. Saturdays are usually quiet, so that’s when I take the time to work on strategy and planning…with my feet on the desk!

When did you first become interested in beauty products?

When I was 14, I had another summer job at a hair salon, and I really enjoyed the creative atmosphere and environment. I became instantly interested in hair services and products. I liked to study them and find out how they worked and performed.

Inger Ellen wearing a black buttoned jacket smilingPhoto by: KK, April 2019, Astrid Wyller

What do you wish for your customers?

I want them to achieve great skin and hair. That’s why we create products made from pure ingredients, like cloudberry, that are proven to work.

When you think of cloudberry, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

Strong! This tiny arctic fruit spends the entire winter under all that snow and then miraculously emerges in the summer under the midnight sun.

Inger Ellen and Christinah holding eachother smilingPhoto by: KK, April 2019, Astrid Wyller

Would you say you and Chris are both very similar?

In many ways we are very different. Like she is academically educated, while I’m not. But I feel that our strength is our difference.

Describe your daughter in two words.

It’s hard is to describe Christinah in just two words, she is so much more than two words can tell you. The first word that comes to mind is amazing. Amazing because she is smart, caring and empathetic. She sets really high goals for herself and achieves them, which is why I respect her so much. And she has an amazing sense of humor!

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