Get the Scandinavian Glow in 10 days

One of the things most people dream of is perfect skin. Scandinavians are known for their healthy lifestyle and fresh and glowy faces. As the British newspaper The Telegraph wrote back in 2013: «According to an independent survey, British men and women are most envious of their Nordic neighbors’ glowing complexions and rate their looks above other all other nations.»

Obviously, some people are just blessed with good genes and glowing healthy skin. A healthy diet and physical exercise are other factors that most likely can help you achieve similar results. But luckily there are simple ways to get that glow without having to turn your life upside down.

Peeling Pen

We have developed a new way to exfoliate and rebuild the skin. Eleni & Chris Peeling Pen contains ultra-effective ingredients for immediate results in a modern applicator for hygienic and easy use. Peeling Pen is a chemical peel gentle enough to be used twice a week on all skin types, even sensitive skin and acne-prone skin. And if you want to achieve that ultimate Scandinavian glow that we all dreaming about in short time, we recommend one treatment every two days for 10 days. It is super easy, affordable and effective, and a fun way to make your skin beautiful.

Most skin exfoliators available in the cosmetics industry are physical peels with a grainy texture that, in addition to doing what they are supposed to do, can cut and stress the healthy skin underneath. This can be a harsh treatment, especially for the sensitive, thin skin types. Physical peels should also be avoided by acne-prone skin as it easily spreads bacteria. Chemical exfoliators can generally remove dead skin cells well without the pulling and stretching, but some of these are very strong and can «burn» sensitive skin. Therefore, we have launched a peel that is for everyone!

What is unique about our latest invention, is the Scandinavian ingredients that make this peel ultra-gentle yet ultra-effective. Cloudberry extracts and glycolic acid remove the dead skin cells on the surface, which has a tendency to make the skin rough and dull if it builds up. Lactic acid reduces the appearance of pores and evens out the skin tone, as it treats hyper pigmentation and age spots. Hydrolysed collagen reestablishes skin moisture from the inside and makes the skin more plump and soft. Adenosine penetrates the skin and smooths our fine lines and wrinkles. All summed up: Eleni & Chris Peeling Pen is a skin perfector for everyone to use.

So, how do you use this disposable magic wand? Click open the lid after cleansing and drying the skin. Apply the product from the center of the face and outwards. Leave on for 10 minutes and apply your daily serum and moisturizer on top without rinsing the Peeling Pen off. You will love the result!

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