Cloudberry Magic

The cloudberry originates from the northern parts of Scandinavia and is a previously undiscovered treasure in the beauty world. The cute, golden colored, cloud shaped berry became a key ingredient to the Eleni & Chris skincare range when we discovered the beneficial effects it had on the skin. The precious oil we use are extracted from the seeds and is a nutrient beneficial to all skin types.

Cloudberries contain large amounts of vitamin C. Vitamin C is known for being an effective anti-oxidant, which protects the skin from the free radicals that can age skin due to environmental damage. This protection is more important in 2019 than ever if you want to keep your skin healthy. Cloudberries are also enriched with vitamin A, B and E, calcium and magnesium, well known skin boosters and protectors that skin loves.

Anti-Aging Face Serum and Eye Gel

Two of our top cloudberry-infused products are the Anti-Aging Face Serum and the Anti-Aging Eye Gel. These are particularly recommended as they work as a special treatment to perfect the skin both in the deeper layers and on the surface. Both contain this unique complex (in addition to Sea3-oil and fresh glacial water), which give a fantastic anti-aging effect by increasing skin cell renewal. The moisture cloudberry seed oil adds makes it a fantastic hydrating agent. By keeping the skin hydrated with our Anti-Aging products, plump fine lines will diminish, and the skin will glow in a healthy, youthful way.

Both Anti-Aging Face Serum and Anti-Aging Eye Gel can be applied under any daily moisturizer. These are light in texture and will quickly absorb, which makes is really easy to combine with other products. After cleaning your skin, massage the serum and gel gently into the skin.

Anti-Aging Eye Gel and Anti-Aging Face Serum

The Anti-Aging Eye Gel is specifically developed for the sensitive, thin eye area, and reduces puffiness, dark circles and fine lines in an instant, in addition to prevent further aging. Continue with your favorite moisturizers, preferably Anti-Aging Day/Night Cream for optimal anti-aging results or the Hydrating Day/Night/Eye Cream if you are under 25 years old.

Keep in mind, even if you are wrinkle free at 25 we recommend starting using anti-age as a prevention as the skin starts slowing down the cell renewal which eventually will result in signs of aging.

Let these two miracle containers with ingredients handpicked from the Scandinavian wilderness become a daily treatment in a simple, healthy and effectful skincare routine.

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